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Guide de haute montagne, l'équipe

Mountain guide UIAGM/IFMGA

The UIAGM is the international association that brings together the national associations of mountain guides from around the world. National associations represent all mountain guides in a country, qualified according to UIAGM standards.

Guide de haute montagne valthorens

Belleville mountain guide

We are part of the Vanoise guide company and we chose to work in this beautiful valley for the love of this unique place. The wide open spaces and off-piste routes are sublime.

Every mountain guide from our office are english fluent speaker

Meet the whole mountain guide team

Val Thorens - Les Menuires - Saint-Martin de Belleville
Olivier Gandy

I am a mountain guide and ski instructor, I live in a small village in the Belleville valley. An engineer by training, mountains and skiing allow me today to share my passion for nature, the great outdoors, the discovery of our environment throughout the seasons but also to enjoy the pleasures of sliding, walking or climbing.

Olivier Poncet

A mountain guide and ski patroller who has been rescuing at the Val Thorens resort for 10 years, I pass on my passions for mountain sports every day with as much pleasure as ever.

Rémi Vignon

High mountain guide and climbing instructor for over 15 years, curious and enthusiastic, I like to climb, slide, fly, walk … and above all always find a pretext to go and discover or rediscover together the mountains and the wide open spaces that surround us. Enjoy and share these privileged moments, quite simply because it is beautiful up there !!!

Gaby Jay

A native of the valley, a guide and instructor in the Belleville area for a long time, I know every nook and cranny of our beautiful mountains. I’m always happy to keep playing it with my clients.

Julien Laurent

I am a jack of all trades: skier, mountaineer, climber and above all globetrotter. After a brief career as a researcher, I now fully devote myself to my first job as a mountain guide. I want to discover new people and I like to share the secrets of our mountains as well as possible.

Julien Dusserre

I am a guide, ski instructor and also paragliding instructor. Lovers of the great outdoors, I like to share my passion for the mountains in these different areas. Here, in the 3 valleys, the playground is unique and I am happy to help you discover it.

François Grain

High mountain guide and ski instructor in the 3 valleys for 30 years, I am passionate about traveling and discovering new territories.

Benjamin Courant

Native of the Pyrenees then defector in the Alps, I am enjoying myself today in my profession of guide. The 3 valleys have incredible potential which means that two days will never be the same. This is what attracted me to the Belleville valley that I would be happy to share with you.

Jessy Pivier

High mountain guide and passionate about skiing, climbing and mountaineering, I will be pleased to share with you beautiful days in the 3 valleys or elsewhere and to make you discover the wild corners that surround us.

Mathilde Bonnefoi
After a childhood in the middle of the mountains, I am now an aspiring guide and climbing instructor. Having gone through the ski mountaineering competition, I would know how to adapt to all your projects. Reassuring and versatile, I will be happy to guide you on the skis in a good mood!
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